Wednesday, March 24, 2010

haix so i'm just sitting in studio because i'm too lazy to move.or do work. but then again most of my work's in hall. so....


and i still dont have a song. like, i don't seem to have a song that i feel represents me.kinda sad.cuz of course there are all those high screaming songs and he normal not-so-screaming songs and i've tried so many. but i shall persevere!lols.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


haha. major project where we have to build a span that can hold 6 l of water. span has to be 1.5m long. ours is really awesome! if i could say so myself. i'm proud of it, and proud that my group conquered every single obstacle that came our way. and omg were there a lot of obstacles. so many small things were gg wrong! not like, toal span failure but stupid things like, ourpecestal too weird, cannot hold span up, or, cardboard cut too short so must recut. but we finally did it.

my bday was celebrated with cake being smashed into my face 2 times. tortured, but it was fun. and the leftover cake was edible and very nice.sheryl, sam and hoon bought me a purple dress.gwen bought me a watermelon clip! damn cute. still dunno what to get from my parents.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My blog was dead for so long.

i contemplated reviving it many times but i guess this is the first time i'm actually doing it.

i realised i have changed alot. maybe become even more like what i am. more focused, more playful, a little more whimsical. i thought i couldnt get any crazier than i already was, but apparently i can:)

i miss everyone from JC! seriously. i didnt realise it until i met up with shena and yy and then sheryl and sam. damn awesome to hang out with them again., given that i've changed so much, i'm so happy to know that we still click and i'm still accepted just like last time.

work is really getting tough. its been aki, aki, aki, cca, aki, go out, aki, aki, aki. and i think i;m gg to give up soon, as much as i know i shouldnt, and that if i do i'm just going to regret it for the rest of my life. but its tough. the things you would do for an epiphany.

then again, i've been writing more songs. AND NO THEY'RE NOT ABOUT BUILDINGS! lols. will upload on my other blog, when i have the time.

i shouldnt be blogging now. then again, if i didnt start now, i dont think i would have ever started again.

meet up soon everyone:)

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

eusoff hall, here i come!!

I finally received my confirmation for on-campus accomodation!! i got my first choice some more. so shiok. Eusoff hall is the nearest to School of Design and Environment so... yay!! haha lols. shall go collect keys tomorrow!! hope i got the right room though. should be la.

went to celebrate shuhao's and cheryl's bday yesterday!! we went to the Nude Restaurant in Ion Orchard. Sally, Mingching, Pei Ching, ShuHao, Cheryl, Weiying, Seow Peng, Jerry, Chen, Ynni and me and some other ppl i can't remember were there. finally our table became 'seperated' so it was me, ching,shuhao,sally and peiching sitting and laughing our heads off and the other ppl gossipping within themselves. but it was still damn fun because its been so long since i had a good laugh. my apple martini was AWESOME! much nicer than the lychee one. Shuhao ordered this drink called Sex on the Beach which was damn nice!! peach vodka. we were laughing our heads off the whole meal la. there was no end in our conversation from like, one topic to another to another. first time hanging out with peiching but somehow we clicked!! AND GET THIS, one of cheryl's friends from YJ was actually my primary school friend!! so cool la. she also stays in malaysia so we went back tgt. she was kinda tipsy so she called her bro to pick her up from sentral. lols.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

RED CROSS PERFORMANCE SUCKED!!! lols. no sound check leh. and no sound check also at least have a professional to adjust mic volume, not some guy who cannot even understand when ppl point at their mic and point downwards. haix. but it was still damn fun!! i have to say the guys learned their parts well, especially BJ! damn fast sia. like one week. and we all got some experience now. LESSON TO BE LEARNT: always have soundcheck. i dunno why we weren't provided with one, but hey, too bad la. its over anyway, so i don't really wanna think about it.
looking forward to next performance!!

Went for rag today! quite fun la, albeit mundane jobs. we were papier mache-ing the chair that will be used in the float. so we just dump paper into the starch and paste it on the chair. had to leave cuz need to go home. wednesday also gg to leave early. the only real day i'll be there will be friday and sat (since we're staying over!!!) and we'll be moving all the floats and stuff to the location. alot of things will be done in the middle of the night cuz the competition starts early in the morning. its gonna be damn fun!!

totally missed ISTANA!!! Ahhhhhh. quite sad cuz like, we worked for it so hard and i didnt get to see the final product. stupid fever. but the fever was scary sia. 42.5 degrees!! freaked out the temp taker at woodlands polyclinic. i didnt know ppl can walk if their temp is so high. lols. missing the after party also cuz now have to go collect some unknown package that came for me. should be the NUS timetable and stuff la. haix. must go post office take, and the postoffice is freaking far from my house.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

overdue update

wahh ltnb(long time no blog)!! wahh the more short forms i add the more i'll irritate shena so.... i shall use more short forms!! haha.

well, today's prac was fun!! me and shena spent time dancing:) lols. we have a new MEMBER!! Benjamin. since colin can't make it on 1 august, yy pulled in this guy from her OG. he's pretty awesome and learns damn fast. goodgood.

camp was damn fun!! really liked my OG and we're damn violent. always playing violent games. hope at least some of us are in the same studio:)))

performance on 1 aug!! damn enthu about it now. prac's improving and Benjamin has the potential to learn damn fast so ya, right now, really can't wait.

SHERYL CHIA HAS PASSED HER DRIVING!! lols. now it's just me.....

life is awesome.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

AHH!! Ajchoir alumni concert was damn nice!! so worth the money and walking and getting lost that we did before and after the concert. met yy at city hall mrt and we took a cab down to bencoolen hotel then we walked to waterloo street. asked directions from these 2 nice ppl working at a hotel and they were like, "waterloo is 3 km away" and then told us they're joking. concert was AWESOME!!!!! lols pls go to facebook and watch the videos. anw, ACAPELLA PRAC!! colin and chee ang weren't there. we managed to complete the choreo for the whole thing so next prac will be abt running and getting the seal of approval from the guys. then of course they have to learn also la:)

wahh need to sleep alr. tml gg for the preparation for the istana art event at NUS. wonderful:)) sounds like alot of fun.

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